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Bison is a Nutrition Powerhouse

Bison is the choice of those who want fabulous taste and superior nutrition in one, incredibly tender, nutrient dense, lean red meat. Compared to choice cuts of beef, Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison is 30% leaner, has 25% more protein, 70% more iron and high concentrations of essential vitamin and minerals. Enjoy treating your body well.


Bison is Nature’s original super food…

Today’s nutritional analysis confirms what our ancestors have experienced for centuries. Bison is a nutrient dense food including a rich source of complete protein. Compared to other animal proteins, it is a clear choice for those who value great taste served with superior nutrition.

What is a super food? The Oxford Dictionary defines it as: a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and wellbeing. Sounds like bison to us and here’s why.

Bison is considerably lower in fat and cholesterol than other red meat proteins and much higher in iron content. As a complete protein, it includes the essential fatty acids (linoleic omega 3 and omega 6), a high concentration of Vitamin B12, Selenium, Zinc and Phosphorous as well as providing an excellent source of Iron, Vitamin B6 and Niacin; all of which are recommended daily vitamins and minerals.

What makes bison unique in terms of health benefits is the proportion of protein, fat, mineral and fatty acids to caloric value. In simple terms, considerably more nutrient value for fewer calories and less fat. It’s an equation that adds up to lean muscle mass and a fat burning metabolism.

As an added bonus, Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison does not contain additives, artificial growth stimulants or antibiotics. Our animals are fed on a Natural Choice Feed Program with unfettered access to whole grains and/or prairie grass.

Mother Nature knows best.


Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison is considered nutrient dense because one serving delivers a powerhouse of complete protein containing all the essential amino acids, and remarkably high levels of iron, vitamins and minerals. Put a single serving (100g) of pure lean bison to work for your body.

Protein34%Bison is a complete protein, which means it contains all essential amino acids to build and repair tissues, produce enzymes and selected hormones, maintain cell membranes and components of the immune system.
Phosphorus20%Builds strong bones and teeth and supports body maintenance
Iron33%Heme iron, (only found in animal protein) is the most usable form of iron and supports oxygen transport in red blood cells, which boosts energy and increases endurance
Zinc32%Used in the manufacture of enzyme systems, immune response and the sense of taste
Niacin10%Used to obtain energy at the cellular level and facilitate fat synthesis
Vitamin B610%Used for protein metabolism and manufacture of neurotransmitters
Selenium42%Trace mineral used in anti-oxidation function

*Recommended daily requirement based on 2000 calories per day for healthy adults.


Per 100g of cooked lean meat, bison delivers considerably more nutrient value…

ANIMAL PROTEINSFat GCalories KcalCholesterol MgIron Mg



Add the power of bison protein to your performance regime                        

Whether you are a body builder, a podium athlete or someone who simply enjoys the benefits of healthy fitness, you know the importance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) as energy fuel.

The quality of protein plays a pivotal role for those who live actively, because the body converts the amino acids in protein into muscle tissue.  Sometimes called the Muscle Mass Meat, bison is the ideal protein because it builds lean muscle mass while reducing overall body fat.

With 25% more protein, 70% more iron per serving than beef, and high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) bison delivers an arsenal of nutrients, which support healthy heart function and create superior muscle strength and endurance.

Because bison is nutrient dense, less is more in terms of consumption and caloric intake; a decided benefit for those who perform best with light, energy efficient foods. As lean muscle mass builds, so too does the body’s ability to burn fat at a higher rate – an advantage for weight control.

Raised without growth hormones, antibiotics, or additives, Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison is considered a clean meat-an important distinction for athletes who adhere to strict protocols to ensure optimal performance, naturally.

Let bison take you to a whole new level of fitness.

Bison for Health

What we eat plays a huge role in both our energy level and wellbeing

It sounds simple, but sometimes getting the right kind and amount of nutrition is challenging – especially for young children who may be “selective” eaters (broccoli can be a tough sell to a 3 year old); seniors whose appetites naturally decrease with age; and those of us who simply run out of time when it comes to good eating.

Bison is Mild Tasting 

It’s a simple fact – food that tastes good is more appealing. Bison is a tender, juicy red meat with a very mild, slightly sweet taste profile.  Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison can be used any recipe that calls for beef. While you won’t notice a difference in taste, your heart will enjoy significantly lower levels of cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat, not to mention healthy doses of iron and essential fatty acids (linoleic omega 3 and omega 6).

Check out our recipes, especially our kid friendly winners.  Your little ones don’t need to know they’re munching on yummy food that’s building lean muscle tissue, strong bones and contributing to healthy brain function, because you do.

Bison is Easy to Digest

Because bison is exceptionally lean (30% leaner than choice cuts of beef), the meat is not marbled or flecked with fat.  This makes digestion considerably easier for those who struggle with the heavy feeling sometimes associated with eating large portions of red meat.

The dense proportion of protein, essential fatty acids and minerals in bison relative to caloric value, offers a huge bargain for those with smaller appetites or metabolism that naturally slows down with age. Eat less, get more – simple math that adds up to great nutritional value.

Cooks Quickly

Too busy to cook healthy meals?  Bison to the rescue. Bison’s very low fat content means it cooks very quickly, in fact in almost half the time of beef. See our recipes for quick meals that deliver taste, nutrition fast and easy!

Bison is a Natural Weight Management Tool

Increasingly bison is referenced as the go to protein for help in weight management. It is not surprising given that bison is the leanest red meat with the lowest fat per 100 g.  Add the high protein and exceptional iron content, and bison becomes a smart food choice for those counting calories or looking to build lean muscle mass without adding body fat. And because lean muscle burns calories more efficiently than fat, sustaining a healthy weight over the long run becomes naturally easier.

Satiation is important in weight loss because feeling full from a balanced diet can help to ward off unhealthy cravings. Bison’s nutrient dense composition means you can eat 1/3 less compared to beef, derive more nutritional value and feel satisfied.

Maintaining strong iron content is also important in weight management, especially for women, particularly in childbearing years.  There are two types of dietary iron-heme and non-heme.  Heme iron is derived from hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells. It can only be found in animal foods like meat, fish and poultry that originally contain hemoglobin. Iron found in plant foods like lentils or beans is arranged in a chemical structure called non-heme iron.  Non-heme iron is used in the manufacture of iron supplements and in fortified foods. Heme iron is the optimal natural source of dietary iron because it is better absorbed and thus used by the body. Bison provides more heme iron per 100g than beef, pork, chicken, or salmon.

Eat well to achieve and sustain a healthy weight.