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Your Guarantee


Our brand promise is your guarantee of a remarkable experience with Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison in every way, every time. >> read more

Ranchers do the Right Thing


Carmen Creek ranchers are fully committed to an exacting code of ethical animal care. We share a deep respect for the majestic bison and stewardship of the environment that supports their natural lifestyle. >> read more

Stewardship is Taking Special Care


We view stewardship as our driving force to safeguard your trust. It means taking special care in every step of our operation to ensure pure, safe, food made with integrity and respect — every day. >> read more

Less Fat, More Protein


With 25% more protein, 70% more iron per serving than beef and high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), bison delivers an arsenal of nutrients, which support healthy heart function and build lean muscle mass. >> read more

Natural Choice Feeding


Carmen Creek bison are given free choice of whole grains and natural prairie grass. Bison intuitively eat what they need and grow at their own pace without additives, stimulants, stimulants or animal by products. >> read more