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Tips for Success

Get the basics down and you’re on your way to culinary success with well-tested suggestions from our experts. Learn how to optimize flavor and tenderness by matching the ideal cooking method with each Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison product. Because bison is so lean, it cooks quickly and it lends itself to many different preparation styles. With easy tips, and fabulous recipes, you’ll be tasting perfection in no time!

The Perfect Steak


The easiest and most flavorful way to cook Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Steaks.  For consistent results, grill steaks at consistent thickness; ¾ to 1 inch recommended. Use medium heat. Place steaks 6 inches from heat source.  Grill 4-5 minutes per side for medium rare. Remove and let sit for 5 minutes so juices settle.  (Steaks do not need to be tented with foil for resting).


No BBQ? No worries. The broiler in your oven will work beautifully. Put steaks on a heavy cookie sheet or broiler pan (lightly oiled). Place the rack 6 inches underneath the broiler heat coils. Cook 4-5 minutes per side for medium rare. Remove and let rest for 5 minutes so juices settle.

Pan Fry

Pan frying steaks is a great option if you plan to make sauce, because the process yields delicious brown bits that can be deglazed and used as a sauce base. Use medium heat in a heavy bottom pan. Spray lightly with olive oil. Cook 4-5 minutes per side, turning only once. Remove steaks and let rest for 5 minutes so juices settle.

Four Ways to Create Beautiful Bison Burgers

Add a new dimension to the art of making burgers.  With Carmen Creek Gourmet Ground Bison and four quick tips, you can create beautiful, juicy burgers brimming with flavor and nutrition.  Warning: These sizzling burgers emit a tantalizing aroma that may attract large crowds…

1. Don’t over handle

When forming fresh bison patties, don’t over handle the meat. Squeezing or compressing the meat, can cause loss of moisture. Assemble ingredients and mix gently. Fresh patties can be made ahead, covered with plastic and refrigerated for up to 24 hours. Pre making patties allows flavors to mingle.

2. Prevent sticking

To prevent burgers from sticking on the grill, make sure the grill is medium hot before you start.  Spray or lightly brush both sides of patties with olive oil to seal in moisture.

3. Don’t over cook

Because bison is lean, it cooks faster than other red meats.  Grill on the first side 5-6 minutes until you see the juices start to come through. Turn over and cook through the second side until you reach an internal temperature of 160°F. Remove burgers from the grill and let them rest 5-10 minutes so the juices can settle.

4. Let Carmen Creek do the work

Purchase Carmen Creek Gourmet Pure Bison Burgers or Carmen Creek Gourmet Seasoned Bison Burgers. You can find both in the freezer section. Grill from frozen (add an extra 2 minutes per side on the grill) or thaw in your refrigerator for 24 hours.  Remove from the grill and let the burgers rest for 5-10 minutes so the juices settle. Take full credit for serving absolutely Beautiful Bison Burgers. Keep a few packages in your freezer so you can be a hero anytime.

Remarkable Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Ribs Every Time

Short and Back Ribs are one of the best bison cuts because they yield premium taste with very little effort. Because bison is so lean, use of moisture and low heat is important to create optimal tenderness. Let time do the work!

Short Tips for Savory Short Ribs

Marinate or Spice Rub. Brown. Braise in Rich Liquid. Serve au Jus.

  • Cut the bison ribs between the bones to separate into smaller pieces.
  • Marinate in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours or…
  • Put bison ribs into a food storage bag with spice rub, seal and shake to coat 20 minutes prior to browning.
  • Brown in batches on all sides in heated olive oil on stovetop.
  • Place seared pieces into large casserole dish or slow cooker.
  • Add seasoned braising liquid, cover and cook at 300°F in the oven or the low setting on slow cooker for 6-8 hours.
  • Remove ribs and tent with foil to keep warm.
  • Serve with au jus made from braising liquid.

Basics for Best Back Ribs

Spice Rub. Broil to Crust. Roast. Finish with Glazing Sauce.

  • Back ribs are best cooked as full slabs to retain juices.
  • Generously cover both sides of the bison rib rack with spice rub.
  • Set broiler to high heat, leave the door open and broil rack for 3-6 minutes per side until a crust forms.
  • Transfer bison rack onto an oiled grill inside a roasting pan, add one cup of water and roast at 300°F for 2-3 hours until meat is tender.
  • Finish by brushing on glazing sauce and cooking uncovered to caramelize for 10 minutes.
  • When done, remove full rack, cover loosely with foil and let sit for 10-15 minute to let juices settle.
  • Cut bison rack into individual bones and serve with additional glazing sauce.

Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Roast Basics

There are two ways to create a perfect bison roast. The cooking methods depend on the cut of the roast and the amount of moisture required.

Because bison is very lean, it cooks much faster than beef. For optimal results, bison roasts are best enjoyed rare to medium rare.Carmen Creek

Gourmet Premium Roasts

  • Prime Rib
  • Tenderloin
  • Sirloin
  • Chateaubriand

These are very lean cuts that will cook quickly. Do NOT overcook to avoid depleting moisture.

Cooking Method

  • Prepare roast with a spice rub
  • Roast on a rack in an UNCOVERED roasting pan at 275°F to reach an internal temperature of 140°F medium rare
  • Remove from oven and loosely tent with foil for 15 minutes to let juices set
  • The internal temperature will increase another 10 degrees while resting so be careful not to roast beyond medium rare!

Grilling Methods

  • Preheat the barbeque to 275°F
  • Prepare roast with spice rub
  • Turn off the burner on one side of the grill or just use the rotisserie burner if you have one
  • Place the roast on an oiled rack in an UNCOVERED roasting pan on the grill above the burner, which has been turned off
  • CLOSE THE LID of the BBQ
  • Insert a meat thermometer and roast until internal temperature of 140°F medium rare Remove, loosely tent with foil and let rest for 10 minutes

Carmen Creek Gourmet Good Value Roasts

  • Sirloin Tip (Top of the sirloin)
  • Inside Round
  • Tri Tip (Bottom of the sirloin)

While these cuts are leaner than comparable beef roasts, they do have a little more fat and connective tissue than the premium roasts. Added moisture keeps them tender and very flavorful.

Roast Cooking Method

  • Prepare roast with a spice rub
  • Sear roast on all sides in hot oil to form crust
  • Place roast on a rack in a roasting pan
  • Add ¼ cup of water or dry red wine to bottom of the pan
  • COVER and roast at 325°F to reach internal temperature of 140°F medium rare
  • Remove, loosely tent with foil for 15 minutes to let juices set
  • The internal temperature will increase another 10 degrees while the roast is resting

Slow Cooker Method (For those who enjoy well done meat)

  1. Put a layer of uniformly chopped onions, carrots and potatoes or any combination of root vegetables on the bottom of the slow cooker
  2. Place the seared roast on top
  3. Pour in 1 cup of water or ½ cup dry red wine and ½ cup beef broth
  4. COVER and cook on low for 8 hours or until meat is fork tender
  5. Remove meat, loosely tent with foil for 10 minutes to set juices
  6. Remove vegetables to a serving dish and keep warm
  7. Make a gravy with cooking liquid

The Scoop on Sauce

With a few simple tips creating a velvety sauce is quick and easy. Use premium ingredients to “crown” your steak with panache!

  • Start with a good, heavy bottom saucepan to ensure well-distributed heat on the stovetop. This avoids scorching the sauce.
  • Work with unsalted butter, not margarine. The blend of butter and olive oil is important for texture. Use both as directed.
  • If the recipe calls for wine, use a quality that you would be happy to drink. The taste of the sauce will reflect the quality of the wine.
  • The trick to creating the right consistency is the reduction process. Use a simmering heat to bring the liquid down to ¼ of its original amount.
  • Do not over boil and remember to whisk occasionally during the simmer to avoid sticking.
  • If you are serving sauce over bison steaks that have been seasoned with a spice rub, you may not need additional salt and pepper.