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There’s only one challenge to preparing Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Short and/or Back Ribs – crowd control. That’s because the aroma of these ribs either braising in your oven or slow cooker or being glazed on the grill is absolutely irresistible-only to be topped by their succulent smoky flavor and moist tenderness.

There are two kinds of bison ribs; back ribs with long narrow bones, and short ribs, which come from the front of rib with short stubby bones. Both are best prepared with the addition of moisture and low heat cooking to yield very tender meat that literally falls off the bone.

The secret to remarkable ribs is hidden in the spice rubs, marinades, braising liquid and glazing sauces. Before you reach for commercial bottled BBQ sauces or a premade spice mix, give our recipes a try. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to become an urban legend.

You might want to buy napkins and wet wipes in bulk.


Thyme Rubbed Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Short Ribs

The unique mélange of seasonings in this slow cooking dish yields a hint of citrus flavor. Serve with thick slices of fresh, crusty ciabatta to soak up every last drop of the braising broth. >> Read More


Coffee Marinated Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Short Ribs

The marinade and the braise liquid in this recipe combine to create a deep smoky flavor with hints of coffee and sweet maple syrup. If it looks like work, relax. The marinade can be done ahead and your slow cooker can braise while you enjoy a coffee.… >> Read More


Heavenly Merlot Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Short Ribs

What makes this dish heavenly is its simplicity. Marinate one day. Braise the next. Inhale the earthy fragrance while it simmers. The most important ingredient is the silky merlot used in the braising liquid and poured generously into the chef’s wine glass. Ideal for adults, not for… >> Read More


Smoky Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Back Ribs

This is a simple and basic way to prepare perfectly tender bison back ribs. You can switch up this recipe with different spice rubs and glazing sauces, but the cooking process is always the same. From start to finish, dinner is on the table in about 3 hours.… >> Read More


Award Winning Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison Back Ribs

This is the signature recipe from Kelly Long’s kitchen. Co Founder of Carmen Creek, this lady knows her bison. Follow it to the letter and you’ll be thrilled with the result. She insists these ribs taste even better when washed down with a cold dark beer and served with… >> Read More


Best Ever Bourbon BBQ Sauce

This savory glazing sauce works really well on any grilled bison meat. It has a nice sweet smoky flavor and caramelizes to a crusty texture. You can make it up to one week in advance and store in a sealed container in the refrigerator. However, we have… >> Read More


Our Favorite Spice Rub

This rub is worth the effort to assemble because it works beautifully on ribs, steaks, roasts, and in Carmen Creek Gourmet Ground Bison recipes. It can be made in larger batches and kept for up to one year in sealed glass containers. This makes a nice gift… >> Read More

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