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Dinner made easy

Put burgers on the grill, toss a green salad, pour a glass of wine and get ready to enjoy a causal hearty meal for one, two or more if you’re willing to share. Real crowd pleasers for big and little folk, keep a few packages on hand for fast and easy meals, guaranteed to evoke smiles all around.

Choose from one of two frozen Carmen Creek Gourmet Burger packages – regular or seasoned.  Both varieties contain six burgers to a package and can be cooked directly from frozen. Simply follow package directions. Grill, panfry or broil; any method will result in a mouth watering, juicy burger that is nutritious and filling.

Carmen Creek Gourmet Ground Bison comes in a 454 g/1lb. block and can be used as a substitute in any recipe using ground beef.  Will you notice a difference? Absolutely! Not only will your dishes taste better, you’ll be giving your health a big boost with power packed minerals, protein and less fat.

Convenience tastes sensational.