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Does your business target a premium value demographic? Pure, lean, Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison products are designed to exceed the expectations of consumers seeking the perfect red meat protein – one that delivers tender, melt in the mouth flavor, superior nutrition, and a vibrant lifestyle experience.

We offer a full carcass program and/or specialty orders with fresh case ready and packaged products that fit both the meat case and the frozen category and we are currently exploring a value added line of bison products that can transcend to lifestyle and nutrition categories.

Carmen Creek products are processed to retail spec in dedicated federal government inspected facilities, carefully selected to ensure rigorous food safety protocols and seamless cold chain management from product intake to in-store delivery.

Our bison are raised without additives, hormones or antibiotics and we follow a free choice feeding program, which provides animals with liberal access to both whole grains (not corn) and natural prairie grass. Bison intuitively eat what they need, never more. The result is a consistently mild, slightly sweet flavor profile that is never strong or gamey.

Our ranchers, our full time veterinarian and our team of animal care experts are fully committed to an exacting code of ethical animal care and environmental stewardship.

Like progressive retailers we know continuous improvement is imperative to sustain and grow competitive market share. As such, Carmen Creek is partnering with like minded, North American bison industry leaders to standardize best practices for the production and processing of premium quality bison.

We support your commitment to offer shoppers the very best in packaging, food safety and product mix. As such, we take special care when creating new products to ensure we sustain your trust and that of the customers you serve. We are pleased to offer your shoppers 24/7 information, recipes and preparation tips through our website.

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