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Plate protein that is simply beautiful

Successful restaurants across North America and Europe are discovering Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison, a pure lean red meat protein that blends a mild flavor profile, exceptional tenderness and the added bonus of superior nutritional value.

Our bison are raised without additives, hormones, stimulants or antibiotics and we follow a free choice feeding program, which provides animals with liberal access to both whole grains (not corn) and natural prairie grass. Bison intuitively eat what they need, never more. The result is a consistently mild, slightly sweet flavor profile that is never strong or gamey.

Our ranchers, our full time veterinarian and our team of animal care experts are fully committed to an exacting code of ethical animal care and environmental stewardship.

30% leaner than beef, bison cooks quickly yielding tender, juicy results in less much less time with virtually no shrink. A diverse product line offers a wide range of preparation options from steaks to ribs, roasts to burgers and more. Bison works beautifully as a center of the plate protein, a side, an appetizer or a feature ingredient in pasta or soup.

Consistently cut to exacting foodservice specs to eliminate waste and optimize yields, Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison products are processed in federally inspected facilities to meet rigorous food safety standards and sustain cold chain management.

Portioned, sub primal and ground product is available 52 weeks a year through national distributors in Canada, the US and Europe.

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