Bison is a Nutrition Powerhouse

It’s pure, exceptionally lean and loaded with remarkable levels of protein, iron, zinc and the essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and more importantly; without additives, hormones or stimulants. >> read more

Make Every Meal a Special Occasion

Bison is so lean, it cooks to tender perfection in half the time of other red meats; and it’s very mild, slightly sweet flavor works beautifully in a full menu of recipe options. >> read more

Ranchers Take Good Care

The ethical care of our animals and the natural environment that sustains them is a commitment we take to heart. It means operating in a vibrant culture of stewardship in every facet of our business. >> read more

We supply to choice distributors

You won’t find Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison products everywhere. You will discover our products on 5 star menus and in the meat cases of premium quality retailers across North America. >> read more